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We have different ranges of trainings available to cater to different levels of experiences. Our trainings are delivered with top quality, highly subsidised and put together to prepare you for your dream job or to kick start your career as a tech founder.

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Zuri Training

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Beginner to intermediate training

Our 3-month training program is specifically designed to provide enthusiastic individuals with the opportunity to acquire new skills in technology or to upgrade their existing knowledge of their chosen tech stack. Through a comprehensive and immersive learning experience, participants will gain the expertise and confidence needed to succeed in the ever-evolving world of technology.

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Continuous Development Training (CDT)

At Zuri CDT, We are dedicated to helping individuals sharpen their skills and elevate their careers through continuous development. Our platform is designed to provide a self-paced learning experience for individuals who have completed any of our trainings.

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Zuri Internship


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Our team of experts takes care of the handling and management of your training projects so you can focus on what matters most: your business. With our comprehensive approach and cutting-edge technology, we'll work with you every step of the way to create and deliver impactful, engaging training programs that drive results.

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What our beneficiaries say about us

I am super grateful for this opportunity to be part of the program. The sleepless, foodless and stressful days and nights were all worth it. Zuri is doing great, and I hope to be part of this wonder and innovative movement to empower young Africans to take over the world. I once tweeted that 'Zuri will shock the world' …and I mean it because it is true!

Kingsley Ononero Onoriode

Beneficiary, Zuri Training

For a training that is 100% free, this was really good. I really can't thank Ingressive for Good and the Zuri Team enough. Keep helping willing minds. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Nnaemeka Joseph Elom

Beneficiary, Zuri Training

This is my first ever training in my journey into tech, but it definitely was worth it. I say this because I had tried studying on my own for months with not much progress, but coming across this training gave me a good feel of what this area of life truly entails. Thank you for having me, and expect me back in another cohort (the essence of this is accountability).

Chidozie Ogbuji

Beneficiary, Zuri Training

This program has helped me to improve my UI skills and helped in boosting my confidence in me while also creating a community of designers where they can relate to one another especially since they are in the same field...Thank you so much, Zuri, for this opportunity to learn, Improve, and work with other people

Ibukunoluwa Evelyn Olajide

Beneficiary, Zuri Training

I just want to say a huge thank you to everybody involved in making zuri a reality, you guys turned a girl that had not the slightest idea about tech or even design look at me now 🥺 I’m becoming a bad ass designer and I’m going to start learning html and css after this. I’m a tech bro now 😂 God bless all of you really good for giving me and countless others an opportunity.

Ebitobodenyefa Spiff

Beneficiary, Zuri Training

Thank you so much ingressive for Good and zuri for this opportunity, I had no idea about coding when I started this program but looking at my project tasks, I am so awed to see how far I have gone. I can't thank you all well enough. Keep up the good work

Ifeayinwa Lydia Egenwe

Beneficiary, Zuri Training

As someone who had never written "hello world" on python or noticed that an app on my laptop was called vs code before this program, I am really grateful to all the organisers for the value impacted during this program and I'm glad that I already have a foundation to build on and some value added to myself. Thank you

Tobiloba Tolani Lawal

Beneficiary, Zuri Training