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Damilola Ige

Software Engineer at Aeeiee Inc.

Damilola Ige is a dynamic Software Engineer renowned for his innovative approach in software development. He also excels as a Part-Time Tutor, leveraging his deep understanding of mathematics and proficiency in key programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Swift. Damilola's effective teaching style is rooted in clarifying complex concepts, both in mathematics and programming, guiding students towards academic and practical success.


Learning Coach / Founder at PamTech

I am a seasoned Computer Science Professor with over 20 years of experience and a third-generation teacher.  I am passionate about teaching programming fundamentals and problem-solving skills, which are key to success in this ever-changing tech world. My teaching approach is to make complex topics accessible and relatable, breaking them down into easy-to-grasp steps.  As a woman of colour in tech, I'm committed to fostering diversity and inclusion within the industry.


Product Manager / Creator At JuwonTheTechie

Juwon is a seasoned product manager with over a decade of experience navigating diverse tech landscapes, spanning eCommerce, SaaS, Consumer Electronics, Edtech, and nonprofits. He successfully managed a training program with 3,000+ students in Edtech and built a small business CRM for over 15,000 users across iOS and Android platforms. He's great at balancing user needs with business objectives, ensuring impactful outcomes.His superpower as a PM is building great partnerships throughout his journey in product and program management, marketing, and building startups from the ground up.

Stephen Jude

Co-Founder & CTO at Pay4Me App

Stephen Jude is the CTO and Co-founder of  Pay4Me App, a cross-border payment solution for international students and immigrants. He's also an active open-source contributor within the PHP and Laravel communities.


Backend Developer ex-Shopify

I am an experienced software engineer with over 8 years of professional experience with skills in modern development and engineering practices. I've had experience in many parts of software development lifecycle like planning, system design, testing, CI/CD, monitoring, observability and profiling. At my core, I have keen interest in backend but also have a wealth of experience in frontend web development as well as DevOps.

Program manager

Project Manager at Flowmondo

With nearly 2 years of professional experience, I am a dynamic and results-driven Project Manager with a proven track record in enhancing team collaboration, increasing client relations, and driving efficiency across various domains. My expertise lies in overseeing diverse teams, integrating Agile and Scrum methodologies, and leveraging a plethora of tools such as Slack, ClickUp, JIRA, and many others to ensure project success.

Seyi Onifade

Software Developer & Entrepreneur

I'm a Software Developer with seven years of experience working with several languages and tools. I am proficient in backend and frontend development with languages such as PHP / Laravel, JavaScript / NodeJS / ReactJS / VueJS, and Ruby/Rails.

Damilola E. Akinosun

Product designer & Webflow Developer

Damilola Emmanuel Akinosun is a seasoned designer and Webflow developer with over 5 years of experience building fully functional web experiences. He is currently the Product designer at Black Peak, and the Product Lead and Co-founder of Grant Master.

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