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Our 3-month training program is specifically designed to provide enthusiastic individuals with the opportunity to acquire new skills in technology or to upgrade their existing knowledge of their chosen tech stack. Through a comprehensive and immersive learning experience, participants will gain the expertise and confidence needed to succeed in the ever-evolving world of technology.

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Why grow your frontend skills through Zuri?


Global Mentor Network

We've curated a global mentor network comprising seasoned professionals and experts from diverse technological domains. Through one-on-one interactions, workshops, and mentor-led sessions, you gain invaluable perspectives and learn best practices from the brightest minds in the industry. With Zuri, you're not just learning from a curriculum but from real-world experiences, setting you on the path to excellence.


Fast Paced Learning Environment

In today's fast-evolving tech landscape, staying ahead of the curve is vital. Our 3-month training program is meticulously designed to deliver a fast-paced learning environment. We focus on imparting knowledge swiftly without compromising on depth and understanding. The curriculum is structured to cover essential topics efficiently, ensuring that you grasp concepts, tools, and frameworks in a time-effective manner.


Hand-on Practice

Theory alone is insufficient in today's tech-driven world. We emphasize hands-on practice as a fundamental pillar of our structure by providing ample opportunities for you to build, experiment, and innovate, fostering a deep understanding of the tech stack you've chosen. By the end of the program, you'll have a portfolio of projects that showcase your skills and readiness for the industry.

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Track Curriculum

Wondering what you'll learn?

~ ⁠Introduction to software engineering
~ ⁠Basic programming syntax and general computer knowledge
~ ⁠Software Development Lifecycle
~ ⁠HTML / CSS / JavaScript
~ ⁠ReactJS
~ ⁠VueJS
~ ⁠GitHub pages
~ ⁠GitHub
~ Team collaboration
~ ⁠Figma asset export

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Who Should Apply?

Anybody can apply. The training itself focuses on participants with little or no prior experience. However, if you do have experience in a specific track, we encourage you to try another track to increase your employability.

If you seek the best way to get started in tech

If you are a novice or beginner

If you are a intermediate looking to connect with others

If you are looking for a challenge

The training is a engaging and runs in phases, join us, and we promise you'll come out better, even if you're unable to complete the program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the duration of the training?

The training cohort runs for three months

How much will this cost?

The training costs ₦5,000

Your training used to be free. Why is it paid now?

Our aim is always to provide quality, to ensure we keep providing the same level of quality as before, we have had to adjust our fees to meet with the current economic situation - the payments made will allow us to compensate our tutors, teachers and continue running more training in future.

When is your next cohort starting?

⁠Registration opens in February, the cohort will start March.

What is the required time commitment to join this training?

We recommend dedicating 12 hours per week, depending on your current skill level. However, please note that this is a suggestion. You might need more or less time to understand or complete your assignment fully.

What are the things I need to participate in?

You need access to a computer (desktop or a personal computer). You’ll need an internet connection, a functioning email address and a phone.

Do you do job placements?

We do not guarantee jobs. However, we help you improve your skills, improve your CV, connect you with industry experts to give you feedback on your CV, and provide continuous development training always to help you grow.

What happens if I pay and eventually cannot join the training?

You can defer your training to the next cohort. You can also pass your registration on to be used by someone else. However, please note that if the price changes in future, in case of deferment, you might be required to pay the balance. And deferment cannot be more than eight months.

What happens if I join the training but become inactive?

We’ll do our best to provide all the support you need. If you prefer to defer due to medical reasons, we’ll offer that option; however, please note that becoming inactive of your own accord means you’ll not be eligible for deferment and will be removed from the training.

Can my application be rejected even after paying?

We pride ourselves in accepting everyone who registers. However, certain situations will cause your application to be rejected and your payment refunded. One such situation is if you’ve been blacklisted by continuously flaunting our rules in our past training or if we discover your intention for joining the training was not for learning. If you wish to learn more about these situations, please contact our help desk. 

What will I get after completing the training?

Access our support system, where we send out job opportunities and other relevant information. Access our talent showcase, where we announce you, your skills, and your projects. Certificate of completion or participation depending on how far in the training you go. You will have lifetime access to any content you work with during the training and access to our continuous development training and reference letters when needed. 

Can I switch my track after starting with one track?

Yes, you can switch tracks. However, we typically advise against this as it reduces the likelihood of completing the training. Track and course switches can be done from the LMS. If it’s still active, you can still switch. However, once the window closes, you cannot switch.

Is your certificate recognised globally?

What we offer is a certificate of participation and/or certificate of completion. Our certificate shows that you have completed the training we offer in your chosen track. Our certificate will be accepted anywhere in the world. However, please note that this certificate does not make you a certified software engineer or a product designer. It is merely an indication that you participated in or completed our training.


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