Empowering Women in Tech - How Zuri is helping women break the bias in tech promoting SDG 5

In the past years, there has been more advocacy for inclusive opportunities for women in every sector. The tech industry is not left out in this revolutionary change in trying to bridge Gender gaps.

Even with the rise in inclusiveness of women in tech roles, more work still needs to be done to properly eliminate traces of Gender bias especially in Tech. Organizations like Zuri are making a significant impact by providing training and opportunities to women, empowering them to break through these barriers and contribute to the sector. In this article, we will explore how Zuri is promoting Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5) - Gender Equality - by enabling women to thrive in the tech industry.

Zuri's Efforts in Promoting SDG 5

Zuri has been at the forefront of promoting gender inclusiveness in the tech industry. One of their remarkable initiatives is organizing training programs that promote Gender inclusiveness.

In 2022, Zuri had successfully trained more than 1000 women in various tech stacks, empowering them with the skills needed to pursue successful careers in technology. You can download the 2022 report here

Zuri provides training in tracks such as backend development, full-stack development, product design, and frontend development. By offering a wide range of training opportunities, Zuri ensures that women can explore different aspects of technology and find their passion within the industry. This diversity of skills not only enhances their employability but also contributes to a more inclusive and innovative tech ecosystem.

Continuous Development Training

Recognizing that learning is a lifelong journey, Zuri provides continuous development training to students who have completed their initial training programs. These follow-up sessions enable participants to deepen their knowledge, stay updated with industry trends, and enhance their skills. By offering continuous development training, Zuri ensures that women in tech can continue to grow and excel in their careers.

CV Reviews and Tech Talks

In addition to technical training, they also organize CV reviews, where professionals from the industry provide valuable feedback on participants' resumes and portfolios. This personalized guidance equips women with the necessary tools to present their skills and experiences effectively, increasing their chances of securing job opportunities.

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Furthermore, Zuri holds monthly tech talks with industry experts to share their knowledge and insights. These talks not only provide valuable learning opportunities but also serve as a platform for networking and building connections within the tech community. By facilitating these interactions, Zuri empowers women to be active contributors and participants in the tech industry.

Mentorship and Opportunities

Zuri understands the importance of mentorship in career growth. They offer mentorship programs where experienced professionals guide and support students in tech. Through one-on-one interactions, mentors provide advice, share their experiences, and help mentees navigate the challenges they may face. This mentorship fosters personal and professional development, boosting the confidence and resilience of women in tech.

Moreover, Zuri creates opportunities for their students to showcase their skills and gain recognition. They partner with companies and organizations to provide internships, job placements, and project opportunities for their trainees. By connecting women with real-world opportunities, Zuri ensures that their training translates into practical experiences that enhance their employability.

How NGOs Can Help Zuri in Bridging the Gender Gap

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) can play a vital role in supporting Zuri's efforts to bridge the gender gap in tech. Here are a few ways NGOs can contribute:

1. Partner with Zuri to train more females in tech:

NGOs can collaborate with Zuri to expand their training programs and reach a larger audience of women. By pooling resources and expertise, they can amplify the impact of gender-inclusive initiatives.

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2. Sponsor training:

NGOs can provide financial support to sponsor the training programs organized by Zuri. This sponsorship can enable more women, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds, to access quality tech education and opportunities.

3. Give scholarships to underprivileged women and out-of-school females:

By offering scholarships, NGOs can ensure that women who face financial constraints or have been unable to complete formal education can still participate in Zuri's training programs. This will enable them to acquire skills and pursue meaningful careers in technology.

4. Donate to their cause:

NGOs can contribute to Zuri's mission by making donations that support the organization's overall operations and training initiatives. These funds can be utilized to enhance training materials, improve infrastructure, and expand the reach of their programs.

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5.Policy Advocacy:

NGOs can advocate for policies and initiatives that promote gender equality in the tech industry. By working with Zuri, NGOs can collaborate on policy recommendations, engage with policymakers, and lobby for changes that create a more inclusive and diverse tech ecosystem.

6.Corporate Partnerships: NGOs can partner with corporations that are committed to gender diversity and inclusion in tech. By collaborating with Zuri.team, NGOs can leverage these partnerships to create internship programs, job placements, and mentorship opportunities for women in tech.

Women empowerment in the tech industry is crucial for achieving SDG 5 - Gender Equality. Zuri is actively working towards this goal by providing training, mentorship, and opportunities to women in tech. Through their efforts, they have trained thousands of women in various tech stacks, empowering them to break through barriers and contribute meaningfully to the industry. By partnering with NGOs and receiving their support, Zuri can further enhance their impact and bridge the gender gap in tech, creating a more inclusive and diverse tech ecosystem for the future.
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