How Zuri Training Will Run

As you prepare to start this program, it's essential to understand how the program will run and what to expect along the way. This comprehensive guide will provide insights into the various aspects of the program, from accessing course materials to earning certifications.
This guide is for the Zuri Training in software development and design for beginners.

Invitation to Slack:

Upon successful registration for Zuri Training, participants will receive an invitation to join the dedicated Slack workspace. Slack is the primary communication platform where participants can engage with instructors, fellow learners, and program administrators. It provides a collaborative environment conducive to learning and knowledge sharing.

Live Event with  a Mentor:

As part of the program, participants can attend a live event where questions can be asked regarding how the program will run. This event will include a question-and-answer session where participants can ask program-related questions and get answers from a mentor. You can refer to this as an onboarding call.

Invitation to Learning Management System (LMS):

In addition to Slack, participants will also receive an invitation to access the Learning Management System (LMS) for Zuri Training, Zuriboard. Zuriboard serves as the central hub for course materials, resources, and assignments. Participants can navigate through the LMS to select courses and tracks that align with their interests and career goals.

Selecting Courses and Tracks:

Instructions for navigating the LMS and selecting courses and tracks will be provided to participants. They can explore a diverse range of courses covering various topics and skill sets. Before diving into the coursework, participants are encouraged to read the instructions carefully to ensure a smooth learning experience.

Creating Accounts on Applications:

Participants will be required to create accounts on applications such as GitHub, Figma, and others. It is crucial to use a consistent name across all platforms to facilitate tracking of progress. If participants already have existing accounts, they will need to submit their names for proper tracking.

Classes Format:

Classes within the program will be delivered through a combination of recorded videos, live sessions, documents, and Q&A sessions with counsellors. This multifaceted approach ensures that participants receive comprehensive instruction and support throughout their learning journey.

Completing Assignments:

Assignments within the program are time-bound and designed to reinforce learning objectives. Participants are expected to complete assignments promptly to stay on track with the program timeline. Successful completion of assignments contributes to progress evaluation and certification eligibility.


Zuri Training offers two certifications upon completion of the program:

1. Certificate of Participation: Awarded to participants who either did not complete the program or did not meet the cutoff mark. 

2. Certificate of Completion: Awarded to participants who reach the cutoff mark, demonstrating proficiency in the program's learning objectives. 

The cutoff mark will be revealed after the training concludes, emphasizing the importance of timely assignment completion.

More Information will be provided to you after joining Slack.

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