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Preparing for Success: Essential Tools for Zuri Training

From physical tools to specialised software, being equipped with the right resources is crucial in maximising the....

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Selecting the Perfect Track for Zuri Training

Consider your interests, strengths.....If you're drawn to problem-solving.....Frontend development offers a rewarding path. Ultimately, choose the track that resonates......

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Why is Zuri Training Paid?

Is Zuri paid now? No. Zuri only requires a commitment fee of 5,000 in Naira. You can’t really...

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What you should expect from Zuri training

Zuri training is bringing in:‍ 2 counselors from USA, 1 counselor from Germany, 3 tutors/counselors from the UK.....

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When Should I Quit?

Everyone goes through positives and negatives, it’s life. When you have put in all your efforts, and no part of your plan is working, no goal has been achieved, there are a few things you can do:‍Start by identifying the problem - there is always something: Sometimes it’s hard to.....

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What is Branding?-Brand Management

A brand is an identifier. To be known for something is to be branded with or for that thing. A brand is a uniqueness that you have attached to an entity or service to allow easy identification. ‍

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Things you should know before you start freelancing

Have a brand name - this could be your name, your nickname, etc, but be known for something, it should reflect in your online accounts, in your bank account, in your invoice, etcPut your brand name everywhere. Sign up on freelancing platforms and use the same brand name...

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