Why is Zuri Training Paid?

In the early stages of its journey, Zuri embraced a model of free training, prioritizing accessibility and inclusivity. The approach aimed to democratize education and empower learners worldwide.

But was  it really free? Of Course not. Someone actually paid for the past cohorts of Zuri Training. Zuri partnered with organizations like I4G (Ingressive for Good) which paid for the cost of the training and also sponsored some giveaways for the students. It did come with some problems which will be discussed further in this article so please stay with me :)

However, as with any dynamic initiative, Zuri has evolved, and its approach to training has undergone a significant transformation. 

How Zuri Handles Training Before

Zuri initially distinguished itself by offering free training, breaking down financial barriers for learners eager to acquire new skills. This approach fostered a diverse community of learners, creating an environment where knowledge flowed freely, and participants engaged in collaborative learning experiences.
All you needed to do was sign up and you would get admitted into the program when it commences.

What Changed and Why?

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As said earlier in the introductory section, the absolutely free version of Zuri brought in problems.  Because Zuri admitted everyone that signed up for the training, there was no way to tell between the students who were serious or not.
There were several occurrences of individuals who caused nuisances simply because it was free to get in. Also some joined with the motive of diverting the students to other platforms with different intentions which might cause harm to both the students and Zuri.

As Zuri continued to grow and refine its offerings, the decision to transition to a paid model emerged as a strategic shift. This change reflects a commitment to sustaining and enhancing the quality of the training provided. By introducing a paid model, Zuri can sieve out serious students who actually want to learn, allocate resources more effectively, ensuring participants receive expert guidance, access to cutting-edge tools, and an enriched learning experience.

Is Zuri Paid Now?

No. Zuri only requires a commitment fee of 5,000 in Naira. You can’t really say that what Zuri is offering you is worth 5,000 can you?
Now the commitment fee solves the problem stated above as no unserious person will be willing to pay 5,000 Naira and then not take the training seriously.
Other measures have also been put in place to ensure that we reduce the misuse of the program by unserious students.

How about some good news?

Zuri is offering you a refund of 2000 in Naira after signing up and completing the first task. You get a chance to apply for a refund fee. This is Zuris' own way of supporting your data expense.

N:B: This offer is limited as there are a few slots so go ahead and kickstart your tech journey. Register Now!

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