Effective Strategies for Sourcing and Assessing Top Coding Talent

We all know sourcing the right candidate is one of the hardest jobs. You make a post on a job board and in minutes, you already have 1K+ CV to review with every candidate claiming to be the best. Recruiting developers is even harder especially if you want to get the best of them.

You’re sourcing that senior Java developer who has the right experience needed for the job, but all you have is a CV which contains well optimized text just like a hundred  more others.

 You are not so sure that they are who they really claim to be and you wouldn’t want to rehire for the role again just after a couple of months. If this sounds like you, hold on tight because we will explore how to source for top coding talents.

6 strategies for sourcing Top coding Talent

Joining Tech Communities:

First time hearing this? Well this is a top secret that I am letting you in on. One of the best ways to source coding talent is to join their communities. You have a first hand opportunity to see the most active developers in the community and assess their soft skills.
One of the places to find these tech communities is using social media. You will find most of them that are available to just anyone to join.

Get yourself Abreast on the Most Important Thing to Know:

Chances are you will be hearing a lot of technical words and seeing them in resumes and CVs; and in order not to feel like a fish out of water, try learning some common terms necessary for your role.
Understanding the role you’re hiring for will be beneficial in finding the right candidate. 

Leveraging Job Boards on Social Media:

You are really not new to this but it is still important, Using job boards available on most social media to source for the right talent. Tailoring your job post to include the most important skills, your company values, pay and  job requirements can go a long way in sourcing the right candidate.

Use a Simple Straight-forward Technical Test:

You should know preparing a technical test is crucial while recruiting for developers, but make sure it is a simple test that can help you assess the right skills.  you wouldn’t want to make your hiring test very complicated, so stick to a simple test. Have your company developer look over the talent’s solution to make sure they follow best practices.

Check for Timely Communication:

Even if your talent ticks all the boxes, make sure they have good communication. You wouldn’t want to hire a candidate who cannot really make timely communication and leaves you hanging in mid air most of the time.

Using Talent Pools:

Hire from Zuri Talent Pool

If you want to boycott all these processes and still get the best talents, make use of talent pools. Talent pools are reputable organizations that provide talents to recruiters or companies for hire. They save you the stress of having to deal with a thousand CVs and resumes. Zuri has the best talent pool from their Continuous Development Training where they equip their developers with new trends in Software Development.

With the above strategies, sourcing the right developer will be less stressful and really rewarding.  You will be able to find the right candidate with minimum effort. Also remember to Assess their Soft skills which is very important to complete your hiring process.

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