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How to Hire Developers for Startups

Things to Know and Consider Before Hiring Developers for Your Startup..1: Define Your Needs and Goals: ..2.......

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What to Consider Before Hiring Developers in Nigeria

 Labor Act: contracts, wages, working hours..... Employee Compensation Act..... Value Added Tax (VAT) : VAT in Nigeria is currently set at.......

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Effective Strategies for Sourcing and Assessing Top Coding Talent

Joining Tech Communities:‍ First time hearing this? Well this is a top secret that I am letting you in on. One.....If you want to boycott all these processes and still get the best talents, make use of......

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How to Measure and Assess Candidate's Skills

craft logical and situation-based questions to assess them. Instead of generic questions like, "Are you a good team player?" opt for inquiries that prompt candidates to share specific examples of their past experiences. For example, "Can you describe a situation where you had to resolve a conflict within a team,......

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