What to Consider Before Hiring Developers in Nigeria

Nigeria has a large pool of competent developers, and hiring developers from this African nation can be a strategic move for your business. With a skilled workforce, cost-effective rates, and a commitment to quality, Nigerian developers are making a significant impact in the global tech industry. However, when considering hiring developers from Nigeria, several important factors should be taken into account.

Labor Act Law for Employees and Employers in Nigeria  

Nigeria has specific labor laws that both employees and employers must adhere to. These laws are designed to protect the rights and interests of workers while providing a regulatory framework for employers. Some key labor laws in Nigeria include:

Labor Act  : The Nigerian Labor Act is the primary legislation governing labor relations in the country. It covers various aspects of employment, including employment contracts, wages, working hours, and conditions of service.

Trade Union Act  : This law regulates the activities of trade unions and trade union members in Nigeria. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of both trade unions and employers in labor disputes and negotiations.

Employee Compensation Act  : The Employee Compensation Act provides for the compensation of employees who suffer injuries, disabilities, or death in the course of their employment. Employers are required to provide compensation to eligible employees or their dependents.

Pension Reform Act  : The Pension Reform Act establishes a contributory pension scheme for employees in Nigeria. It mandates employers to contribute to the pension fund on behalf of their employees, ensuring retirement benefits for workers.

Employee Housing Scheme Act  : This Act outlines the provisions for housing benefits for employees. Employers are required to make contributions to the National Housing Fund to facilitate housing for their employees.

                   Tax Rates in Nigeria  

Understanding the tax landscape in Nigeria is essential when hiring developers. Here are some key tax rates in Nigeria:

Personal Income Tax  : The personal income tax rate in Nigeria varies depending on income levels, ranging from 7% to 24% for individuals.

Company Income Tax  : The company income tax rate in Nigeria is a flat 30% for incorporated companies.

Value Added Tax (VAT)  : VAT in Nigeria is currently set at 7.5% on the supply of goods and services.

                  Minimum Wage in Nigeria  

As of September 2021, the minimum wage in Nigeria stands at 30,000 Nigerian Naira per month, although the cost of living for an average Nigerian can be up to N50,000 in a month.   It's important to note that minimum wage rates may change due to government policies and negotiations with labor unions.

  Skills to Look Out for in a Nigerian Developer  

When hiring developers from Nigeria, it's crucial to assess their skills thoroughly. Here are some key skills to look out for:

  1. Competence  : Ensure that the developer has the technical expertise and experience necessary to fulfill your project requirements. Review their portfolio and ask for references to gauge their competence.

  2. Language  : Proficiency in the English language is essential, as it facilitates effective communication and collaboration with your team.

  3. Communication  : Strong communication skills are vital for remote collaboration. Developers should be able to express their ideas clearly and understand project requirements. Timely communication is also important for timely delivery of results, make sure to look out for it.

  4. Time Management  : Developers should be adept at managing their time effectively to meet project deadlines and milestones.

  Why You Should Hire from Nigeria  

There are several compelling reasons to hire developers from Nigeria:

Quality  : Nigerian developers are known for their high-quality work and dedication to delivering exceptional results.

Cost-Effective  : Hiring developers from Nigeria can be cost-effective, as you can access top-notch talent at competitive rates.

Diverse Team  : Nigeria's tech ecosystem is diverse, offering a wide range of skills and expertise that can enhance your development team.

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Experience  : Many Nigerian developers have experience working on international projects, making them well-suited for global collaborations.

Hiring competent developers from Nigeria, such as those from Zuri, can be a game-changer for your business. With a strong commitment to quality, Nigerian developers are well-prepared to contribute to your project's success. When seeking top-tier developers for your next project, consider partnering with Zuri Talent Pool and tap into the wealth of tech expertise that Nigeria has to offer.

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